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September 18th 2003
Vinterfrost- Tape will be released, this band hails from sweden members of Damntory.  limited to 200 copies.  coming soon.
September 17th 2003
FRANGAR (Italy) Tape will very shortly be released.   This release features 5 songs of old school Black Metal, including a cover song of Darkthorne.  Members of The Tombers (Limited to 200 copies)
September 16th 2003
 Snowfall has been added  to the split.  This cd should be out first week October. New line up
Funeral Fog/Snowfall/Volkurah/Hellcaust/Geimhre
September 11th 2003
Demonic Death Rec will be releasing NIROTH (UK)
demo tape very shortly.  Limited to 200 copies
September 7th 2003
Vasilisck Cdr released - "From the dark depth of the swamp"
Abysmal Desolation released - "Dark Endless Despair"