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All Tapes = $4 US and $5 world
All Cdr =$5 US and $6 world
All CDs = $9 US and $10 world
Darkest Hate/Black Winter Night- from the Dark Flames of Christian Holocaust (christcrusher)  limited to 333 copies.
Dead and Forgotten - demo  (intolerant Records) limited to 150 copies.  re-released
Demonar- Demo Tape     (Intolerant Records)  limited to 150 copies.  Black metal from USA.   
Eternity of darkness- Ship of Fools (christcrusher) limited to 200 copies.  This band hails from England, good music and vocals are sick.
Kludde:"Langs Scheld-en Denderland"  (tape-nightmare prod) (new)
Lugubre- Bloodsheeding War Hymms  (hell war prod)  limited to 666 copies.  Lugubre once again strikes with a devastating releases.  This is a well performed releases.
malefice - rehersal Tape (intolerant Records) limited to 150 copies. sick release not for posers.
Mors Liberatix - "Beholding from the Tower" (nightmare prod) (NEW)
Myrkal- Whispers of Carpathian wolves (intolerant records) limited to 200 copied.
Onirik - The Final War (nightmare prod)  (NEW)
Raptus:"Antiphilantropy" (Tape-nightmare prod)(new)
Ctanic / Kroll - 666 (graveyard rec) limited to 500 copies (NEW)
Azaghal/Misanthropy/Vultry- Black Metal War  3 way split limited to 500
Kerberos -  Plaguestorm  limited to 300
Ouroboros Circling the coils of chaos  on SMRV.  sick as fuck releases.  I think these people are mentally ill.  (in a good way)
Tunrida Era 2001.  SMRV, I think they are sweden, but well performed black metal with keys
Vrolok- cdr released by demonic possesion records.  limited to 66 copies, pretty good stuff.
Deciverion - Deciverion (non compos )